- UPDATED: Friday, March 21, 2014 -

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We Were Illegally Kicked Out Of The USA 

- With Only The Clothes On Our Backs! - 











"Because I stood up for what I believe in which is Freedom, Liberty and Justice and because I told the TRUTH on My Site of AnnetteMartini.Org and posted the evidence of the Illegal Activities of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Immigration Judge, Judge William Joseph Martin Jr, U.S. Government Attorney Ingrid Abrash, U.S. Immigration Judge, Judge Rodin Rooyani, (Judge From Iran) and other U.S. Government Attorneys then I Anthony Martini and my wife Annette Martini were kidnapped and illegally detained for almost one full year where I Anthony Martini was physically tortured on orders of President Barrack H. Obama. 

Then my wife and I were Illegally deported back to Canada where we surrendered our Canadian Citizenship in 2001. 

Canada to this day still refuses to give us any ID's. Even a photo ID was denied. Canada even refused to give my wife and I any Medical whatsoever.

I stood up against the corrupt United States Federal Government Employees and for that I was punished like no other. 

I fought back with a Pen and the United States Federal Government Employees kidnapped us and illegally detained us and illegally placed myself Anthony Martini in the California Desert where I was physically tortured by a Private Contractor known as THE GEO GROUP INC. (GEO) on orders of President Barrack Obama. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., U.S. Immigration Judge Rodin Rooyani, U.S. Immigration Judge William Joseph Martin Jr., U.S. Government Attorney for DHS, Ingrid Abrash or Ingrid Heather Abrash, top dogs of ICE who ordered GEO to physically torture me which caused me to have my 5th heart attack.

I fought with a pen on my site of AnnetteMartini.Org and for that I was physically tortured by the same people I accused of being corrupt. 

Now I am fighting back more then ever! 

Now I will be using all Political Powers that I will get in the near future.

73.5% of Canadians (1 Million Canadians Polled from January 2, 2014 - March 1, 2014 agreed to the following.

1.) Close all borders with the United States.

2.) Stop Export of All Canadian Products and Canadian Resources to The United States.

3.) Close the Canadian - United States Oil and Gas Pipeline.

3.) End all co-operation with the United States.

4.) Cancel all contracts between any provincial province in Canada that has any contracts with THE GEO GROUP INC. (GEO).

5.) Immediately deport all Americans out of Canada forever.

6.) Close the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC

7.) Expel the United States Ambassador from Canada forever and close the U.S. Embassy and all U.S. Consulates in Canada.

8.) 98% of Canadians Polled agreed to have a Tax Free Canada!

9.)  Increase the Canadian Military and Canadian Military Fleet by 1,000%

10.) Ban any American Companies from sending funds to the United States.

86.3% of the Canadians that were polled would vote for myself, Anthony Martini running for Prime Minister of Canada.

91% of the Canadians Polled agreed to replace the word Prime Minister of Canada to President of Canada.

85% of the Canadians polled agreed to permanently have independence from the United Kingdom and to also remove the Queen's face from all Canadian Currency.

83% of Canadians polled agreed to remove the Queens Picture from all Canadian Military Bases, Schools, and any Private and Public Sector.

57% of Canadians agreed that Quebec should separate and leave Canada and become a new Territory of France.

47% of Canadians agreed to allow Russia and China have Military Bases in Canada.


UPDATED: Friday, March 21, 2014 

- Articles & Update Below-

Our American Dream Was Destroyed (Click Here) - Posted: Saturday, December 7, 2013

ICE Gone Wild (Click Here) - Posted: Saturday, December 7, 2013


UPDATED: Friday, March 21, 2014 

Articles That Are All Coming soon - 

272,741 Americans Signed Petition for 

Ingrid Abrash, Rodin Rooyani and all that were involved 

in kidnapping us, physically torturing me, illegally deporting us, 

violating International Laws to be immediately arrested!

12,829 American Attorneys have also signed the above Petition!

Impeach OBAMA - Obama Illegally Deported 2 Million Immigrants out of the USA

to make room for Illegals!

Obama violated International Laws

Over 35 Countries have agreed to Arrest 

Ingrid Abrash, Rodin Rooyani and all names below:

I Demand a Criminal Investigation against the Canadian Consulate 

in Los Angeles California for their illegal involvement in 

the International kidnapping of myself and my wife Annette Martini.

All Articles will be posted soon in March 2014!

I, Anthony Martini may run for Prime Minister of Canada for 2015 

and close all Borders with the 

United States until all of these people are arrested.

I also demand a Criminal Investigation against U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., the U.S. Department of Justice and the White House.

If I do run for Prime Minister of Canada I will also kick out the U.S. Ambassador and also start a mass deportation of all Americans living in Canada!

Revenge is mine!

Justice will win, I will win this legal war against all involved.

Boycott GEO stocks! Any company that has stocks with GEO will extremely boycotted. All Companies that have Stocks from GEO have until March 31, 2014 to dump all GEO stocks or they will be boycotted!

A Mass Protest is in the works against all GEO Immigration Detention Facilities. 

A Mass Protest is also in the works at all U.S. Immigration Judges and Government Lawyers Home addresses!

A Mass Protest against all ICE Employees Who Are GUILTY of Physical Torture, Persecution and Murder Against Immigrants!

This is all posted by myself Anthony Martini and NOT my wife Annette Martini!

You kidnapped myself and then you kidnapped my wife and I swore full legal revenge against all involved.

The Legal War has just begun!



There is a very high chance that the lawsuit below will increase to $10 Billion.

The investigation is almost complete and I will be adding more 

names very soon. I am just finishing up my investigation. 

On October 24, 2012 Anthony Martini and Annette Martini were kidnapped from Costa Mesa, California!

Anthony Martini and Annette Martini did NOT see each other until Wednesday, September 18, 2013!

- Coming Soon - $2 Billion Lawsuit (will be increased soon) 

Will Be Filed Very Soon Against The Following:

Ingrid Abrash

Rodin Rooyani

Edward Harris

John Morton

Timothy S. Robins

Jose Barr

Riccardo Richiez

Wesley Lee

Mark Joven

John Finnegan

Andrew Kishlock

Reed Smith

Christina Holland

Scott D. Laurent

Lorraine J. Munoz

Debbie Leon - ICE for Santa Ana Jail -

Andre Quinones - ICE for Santa Ana Jail -

Jason Aguilar

Deborah H. Workeneh

Barbara Hale

Megan Alice Berry Oshiro

Rose C. Peters

Briana Camille Corso - (Briana Corso)

Brian M. O'Leary

Hugh G. Mullane

Edward R. Grant

Gary D. Mulphrus

Adelanto Detention Facility

City of Adelanto, California, U.S.

City of Santa Ana, Santa Ana, California, U.S

Santa Ana Police Department, Santa Ana, California, U.S

City of Costa Mesa, Costa Mesa California, USA

The Geo Group Inc.

George C. Zoley - President of (GEO) The Geo Group Inc. - Just Added

James Black - Vice President of (GEO) The Geo Group Inc. - Just Added

Spectrum Security Services Inc.

Sam B. Ersan - President of - Spectrum Security Services Inc.


NELSON, RAMIZ SR, (Falcon Air Express Inc.) - Just Added -

NELSON, RAMIZ JR, (Falcon Air Express Inc.) - Just Added -

and others



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